02 Feb

You Know You’re a Horse Person When..

Only SOME of the billion things you do if you know you’re  a horse crazy person life myself. 


1) You have a fall off your horse, and your only concern is if the horse is okay.

2) Your social life is with other horse people.

3) You hate posing for pictures unless you’re on your horse.

4) You talk to the horses like they were kids.

5) You buy more carrots & apples than you can possibly eat.

6) Every time you drive past a road construction site you think what nice jumps the barricades would make.

6) The photo Christmas cards feature the horses.

7) You go on a diet, not to be more attractive, but to be a better rider.

8) You post or two-point over speed bumps.

9) Every time you go to the stable, it takes 3 hours and you can’t imagine where the time went.

10) You save every horse magazine you have ever bought.

11) You drive by ANY field ANYWHERE and look very hard for horses.

12) You can pinpoint anything you might need in 2 seconds in your tack trunk but seem to have misplaced your homework.

13) When your friend’s finally blow up and scream, “Gooood God! Are horses *all* you ever think about?! I mean your whole life is surrounded by that dang horse!”

14) Your friends no longer ask to get together with you on a weekend afternoon because they know you’ll say, “I can’t, I have to ride.”

15) Your boyfriend complains that you love your horse more then you love him and you answer: “And your point is?”

16) You’ve considered moving into the barn, since it is cleaner than the house.

17) You don’t notice the barn smells on your clothes/shoes and wonder why “regular” folks are sniffing the air.

18) When you would rather muck out a stall than clean your bedroom.

19) Family has gotten used to you identifying the breed of practically every horse on TV or in movies.

20) You spend more money on your horses than yourself.

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