25 Jan

The Andalusian: A Magnificent, Majestic Horse

In the development of modern breeds, three horses have a distinct significance. These breeds are the Arabian, the Barb, and Andalusian or the Spanish Horse. The Andalusian’s influence can found throughout many breeds including the Lipizzaner, the Friesian, Lusitano, Welsh Cob, and the American Mustang, among many others. 

The exact origins of such an old breed are a bit tricky to trace, but stories have been told that the Andalusian’s beginnings trace back to the Ice Age. During that time, a land bridge existed between Southern Spain and Northern Africa at what is now known as the Strait of Gibraltar. It was over this land-bridge that horses are said to have crossed from Africa and mixed with the native stock of Spain. 

Some traits that the Andalusian is known for are its arched neck and long, flowy tail. Their height ranges between 15.2 hands and 16.2 hands. In spite of the breed’s long history, very little has changed of its traits. Their appearance is always arresting-majestic. It is hard to not fall in love with such a magnificent animal. They dance their way into your heart. As if there is this sense of magic that it around them. They are truly a sight to behold. The coat color of an Andalusian is most commonly grey or white, but they can be almost any solid color. 

The Andalusian is commonly used for dressage, driving, trail riding, bullfighting, Western and English pleasure. They have also been used in several movies. One such horse was Goldeneye. He was an Andalusian stallion who was featured as Gunpowder in the movie Sleepy Hollow starring Johnny Depp. Goldeneye was slated for slaughter after the filming was finished. The reasons for this are unclear. Upon hearing this, Johnny Depp, who played Ichabod Crane (Gunpowder’s rider), adopted Goldeneye thus saving his life. 

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