21 Sep

My First Horse Riding Experience

It was the month of May when my family decided to visit Rajasthan, India. We were excited to visit this place in Rajasthan which is famous for its animal rides. The two major options were camel and horse.

As a child, I was always terrified of horses, thanks to their negative portrayal in Bollywood movies. But the time I came close to a horse for the first time, I was fascinated. I’d never seen such a beautiful animal before.

The horse was elegant and strong. Its silky hair and tail were simply engrossing. The owner of the horse would look at the horse with a little hint, and the horse started following him. It seemed like two friends were talking to each other.

My brother in law and nephew sat on the horse as you can see in the video below:

Next was my turn, and I decided not to film myself because I wanted to truly experience it without being distracted by anything else. Initially, as it was my first time, I struggled to get on the horse, but the owner of the horse helped me by giving me a stool to ride on it.

Once I was successful in the back of the horse, it was a wonderful experience. The way it started walking slowly, he seemed to know how scared I was! Maybe he secretly liked me ha-ha… As soon as I started feeling comfortable, the owner helped me increased the speed and took me to the hill. It was such an edgy hill where I was damn afraid of falling, but the horse took a smooth turn from the edgy place, which I didn’t expect.

I never thought I could put this experience into words, but thanks to this platform, I can share my experience in front of so many horse lovers.

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