27 Sep

Best Non-Human Companions for Horses

Horses, like people, thrive from companionship. And no matter how much you love your horse, a furry friend can go along way in your horse’s happiness. 


A cat is a great low maintenance pet for you and an amazing buddy for your horse. Cats keep mice out of the barn and can keep your horse company while you are not there. I kept my horse at a barn where an adorable tabby cat would hang around my mare while I groomed her. They enjoyed each other’s company so much that neither minded if the cat perched on the grey horses back. Both cats are gentle and understand that they shouldn’t be rubbing up against their equine friend 24/7. This makes them the purr-fact pal!


Dogs are the legendary companion of the human, but they are horse’s best friends too! Ranch dogs make good companion because they enjoy playing and have a loyal instinct. This animal also protects their territory by making your home/barn safer. Dogs can also travel easily which means if your horse needs to go somewhere; they do not have to be lonely! They are the perfect dual-purpose friend.

Horses/Ponies/Mini Horses

Truly the best thing for your horse is to have another horse. They have the same body language and the same herd mentality. However, full-size horses are just as expensive and create twice the work. I recommend getting a pony or a miniature horse to accommodate your current equine’s needs.


Donkeys are part of the equine family, so they will meet your animal’s social needs. Donkeys/Burros are less maintenance and very goofy. They have long ears and goofy brays that will always bring a smile to your face.


Goats have similar body language to horses. They also enjoy being in hers. Goats are some of the most common animals to keep as a companion. They are also some of the cheapest livestock.


Sheep also have a dual purpose. They can be sheared for their wool and they can be used as a companion animal. They do have a stricter herd mentality, so it is best to get more than one.

It is always best to introduce any companion slowly and make sure they are compatible. That way no animal gets injured. A horse always needs a friend and there are plenty of animals that need homes. Good luck with your search for a new furry friend!

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