07 Nov

8 Hints for a Horse that Does Not Properly Shed

Lack of shedding may be a sign that a horse is not healthy. However, some horses have a coat that naturally sheds very slowly. While owners should not become overly alarmed, lack of shedding is a signal that should not be ignored.

  1. Owners often worry and panic fearing a horse that is not shedding may have a brain tumor. A brain tumor in the pituitary gland, known as Cushings Disease, may cause a horse not to shed. A veterinarian may check for brain tumors to alleviate worries.
  2. Often, rescue horses that have not been groomed in sometime have excessive hair. Regular brushing and grooming can stimulate the follicles of the coat to shed in a timely fashion.
  3. Has the horse been recently wormed? A proper worming schedule is important for a healthy horse. A horse with worms may not shed properly. After worming treatments, the horse should shed the coat as normal.
  4. In the south, temperatures may reach 80 degrees one day and then plummet the next day to the 40 degree range. However, temperature is not the culprit. Daylight and length of days determines when a horse will shed his coat.
  5. Installing full spectrum bulbs with a timer switch in the barn may trick the horse into shedding. Set the timer switch to automatically turn on at 6 am and turn off at 10 pm. The horse should shed its’ coat after several weeks of artificial lighting stimulation.
  6. A horse’s body may sometimes anticipate a cold snap and delay shedding. Compare the horse to other horses in the same general area. Have the other horses in the area already shed?
  7. Utilizing the proper tools may cause a horse to shed sooner. A soft rubber curry comb, pebble texture glove and a hard stiff bristle grooming brush are typically utilized for horse grooming purposes. Special soft face brushes will assist with grooming the delicate contours of the face.
  8. A new innovative tool called StripHair Gentle Groomer, safely removes a winter coat without harming the skin. Even tender areas may be safely groomed. StripHair removes dried mud, dander and loose hair from the horse’s coat. It shines and polishes the coat distributing natural oils. Other benefits include muscle massage and hair follicle stimulation.


Photo is courtesy of Shedding as uploaded by Abocon at Flickr’s Creative Commons.

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