November 2014 05
Snaffle Vs. Curb Bit
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One of the most misunderstood pieces of tack is the bit. I've seen so many people use a random bit in their horse's mouth, but they don't have any knowledge of how it works or…

September 2014 19
Horse Breed Personalities
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Horses within a particular breed have similar personality traits. The personality of a breed should be considered when selecting a horse for a particular duty such as trail riding, police mount, show or cattle roundup.…

May 2014 16
Blue Eyes
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Horses with blue eyes are an uncommon sight. Due to their uniqueness they have been regarded as a mysterious, and at times suspicious, characteristic, with many tales spun regarding their origins and significance. Blue eyes are created by pigmentation,…

March 2014 28
Abused Horse? How to Gain Trust
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Buying a horse is always a fulfilling experience, especially if it’s something that one has been longing for, but what if one gets a horse that was previously abused? Obviously, the one receiving the horse…

March 2014 21
Horsehair Fabric – Did You Know?
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Most people know that horsehair was traditionally used for stuffing sofas, mattresses and the like, but did you know that horsehair was also woven together with a cotton warp into fabric? In 1800 in the…

January 2014 31
Why Don’t we Ride Zebras?
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It is a question many children ask their parents after a trip to the zoo. The answer to it is difficult, at first glance, to give.  After all, zebras are very horse-like. They have manes…

October 2013 25
Rain Rot Home Remedies
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Rain rot treatment does not have to cost a fortune! Since I have started rescuing neglected horses I have struggled to find treatments for various problems to help me save money. I have found that…

August 2013 14
State Horse of Idaho: the Appaloosa
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Idaho named the Appaloosa the state horse in 1975. They are identified by their colorful spotted patterns of their coats, mottled skin, striped hooves, and white outer coating around the eye. It is one of…