September 2015 12
8 Mistakes to Avoid When Shodding Horses
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The phrase “shod a horse” refers to providing or fitting a horse with shoes. The hooves must be prepared before the shoe is attached. Many horse owners allow horses to go barefoot without horseshoes. The…

August 2015 08
How To Become A Master Saddler
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If you enjoy working with your hands, are good at practical tasks and have the ability to work with close attention to detail, a career as a Master Saddler could be something you’d like to…

May 2015 03
Exotic Horse Breeds
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Despite most people being fixated on Thoroughbred horses as the central track horse there are more breeds that take part in the sport of horse racing. As much as not knowing the various kinds of…

January 2015 29
Debunking Blue Eyed Horse Myths
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Myths concerning blue eyed horses are legendary and range from health issues to temperament. Most horses are born with dark brown eyes but  colors can include a range of amber, blue, hazel and green hues.…

December 2014 10
The Legend of the Black Horse
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There is an ongoing legend in Quebec, Canada, that speaks of a black horse. Now, even though there are slight variations in the tales according to the region where they were told, the basis of…

November 2014 26
Does My Horse Need to Detox?
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Does My Horse Need to Detox? Life is full of toxins. From fertilizers to vaccines, chronic pain to poison based dewormers…even when you try your hardest, there is no getting away from all toxins. So…