June 2017 21
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     The American Quarter Horse is one of the United States’ most recognized horse breeds. They are most noted for their speed, agility, stockiness, and natural cow-sense. They are often short, stocky and muscular with smaller ears,…

January 2017 19
Equine Dwarfism, an Undesireable Trait
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Dwarf equines are mostly seen in miniature horses and miniature donkeys. Shetland ponies, Friesians, and mustangs may also give birth to dwarf horses. There are four types of dwarfism that appear in equines achondroplasia, brachiocephalic,…

February 2016 10
The Marwari Horse of Jodhpur, India
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Traditionally, Rathore rulers were the first to breed the Marwari, a horse that dates back to 12th century India. The rulers promoted purity, hardiness and strict breeding strategies making the Marwari horse a rare breed due…