April 2019 16
Equine Spay: Taming the “Nightmare”
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My mare Fiddle was way beyond mareish. Her heat cycles made her uncomfortable, unhappy, and almost dangerous, especially in springtime.  Her nickname at the barn was “The Dragon,” and it was well-deserved. What can you…

January 2019 25
The Andalusian: A Magnificent, Majestic Horse
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In the development of modern breeds, three horses have a distinct significance. These breeds are the Arabian, the Barb, and Andalusian or the Spanish Horse. The Andalusian's influence can found throughout many breeds including the Lipizzaner,…

November 2018 28
What is a “Project” Horse?
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When reading through ads, owners often list their horse as a "project" horse. Usually, these horses have lower price tags, which can make them appealing to buyers on a budget. If you don't have the…

September 2018 27
Best Non-Human Companions for Horses
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Horses, like people, thrive from companionship. And no matter how much you love your horse, a furry friend can go along way in your horse's happiness.  Cats A cat is a great low maintenance pet…

September 2018 21
My First Horse Riding Experience
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It was the month of May when my family decided to visit Rajasthan, India. We were excited to visit this place in Rajasthan which is famous for its animal rides. The two major options were…

August 2018 29
Obstacle Challenge: The Rope Gate
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The Rope Gate. We see them everywhere. Trail Trials, Trail Classes, Ranch Workshops and at Obstacle/Challenge Courses. Why are they everywhere and so popular? Well, in my humble opinion, they are an easy to create…

August 2018 20
What Do I Mean When I Say Heart Horse?
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If you've read any of my articles, you've probably noticed that I've mentioned the term "heart horse" quite a few times. I realized that I never explained the meaning of this not-so-technical horse term. I'd…